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...basically my uni tbr | book-haul

Hello my lovely readers. Today I thought to share something of a book-haul with you all - basically my university "to-be-read" pile for this semester. A few weeks ago I commenced 2nd semester of uni, and so far I'm really enjoying getting back into the swing of study! Last week wasn't so glamorous as I got sick with a fever and had to stay in bed for a week (the flu has been making the rounds lately in this part of town, alas). But that aside, this semester is shaping up to be an exciting and really engaging one (abet quite full-on and intense). I had a bit of a hiccup with deciding what courses to enrol in this semester (doing a BA there are endless options of pursing your majors, it can be a challenge to navigate the right course options sometimes). Thankfully I've finally settled on the ones, & am I really happy :). Ooh, they're as follows: Contemporary LiteratureReading & Writing, Gothic Literature & Culture, and The Rise of Ancient Rome. 

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